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Greetings Fellow KynDread!

8 years ago
11 posts
It is always nice to come across fellow locks and dreads of all kynds from all over this Earth :) An instant bond, link, connection can usually be sensed and it is great to share the experience and the journey so far one has had with others.Personally I have been growing out my hair naturally for the past 6 1/2 years or so. Dreadlocks were a very natural progression for me as my hair is very thick and curly. Along the way I could almost feel like a reawakening so to speak of my senses. I was beginning to embrace my true essence, my natural self and it felt amazing! I was trusting the universe and respecting my hair more and more. I will admit I was pretty clueless at first about locks and how to get started, so over time I learned to just let nature run its course. Why fight or mess with something or try and speed up a process that really only needs time and patience to come together.My journey is still unfolding before my eyes and has brought me many places as well I have met some very amazing super special souls along the way. This life is a journey full of peaks and valleys, our hair our locks should not be fussed over on a daily basis. I feel they are movement of love and unity and a sign of breaking free of the mold that society wants to pressure us into. Beauty is within each lock and when we realize that we can only grow stronger. Releasing the chain of babylyon/corporate/commercial structure can be hard to do alone, but the more we dread the more the people see. They are not just a hairstyle, but can also be a lifestyle if we choose to live up and keep our hearts and minds open. To have a positive mental attitude and to spread love and compassion in any way we can will help plant the seeds of today that may blossom into this infinite organic planet we all dwell on. Remember this is One Earth, we are One People, we all share the same happiness and sadness...there is no need to segregate or create negativity towards any certain dreadlock or method of locking. All of us here had to start somewhere, let us continue to help one another and bask in the natural beauty of dreadlocks and their simple ways of uniting people from all over this Earth. So wherever you are on your Drealock Journey may you be blessed on your path and continue to feel the love and light which is within you all and surrounds us all every day.One Love~
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
28,421 posts
couldnt have said it better myselfwelcome brother

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long
Lonnie Berg
8 years ago
219 posts
Kynd Thoughts My Brother, Much Love, namaste'
green bean
8 years ago
57 posts
i really love this, so beautiful.
8 years ago
7 posts
wow, the world can always use more brothers such as yourself. Amazingly well put words. I appreciate the glorious greeting friend, we all look forward to hearing from you soon. live n' love
8 years ago
16 posts
While reading this, I felt like I was up in the sky watching every natural thing and seeing every living soul... It's pretty inspiring!Welcome!
Harry Brack
8 years ago
32 posts
wow, such incredible words :)
8 years ago
11 posts
Give thanks fellow kyndread! May the journey be blessed for one and all...
anthony williams
8 years ago
101 posts
wow! wonderful inroduction, welcome to the family brother!
Shanxon Lemasters
8 years ago
411 posts
this was a wonderful post to wake up to, thank you and welcome :)
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