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Natural process 9 months.. doubts

5 years ago
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Hi I'm doing the natural process since 9 months i like them but i think i'm gonna cut them i'm not sure about it, what do you think..
I think they are a little neglected. I wash them with bs every 4 days but i feel them bad


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Danny Parker
5 years ago
28 posts

I think they look great! dont cut them man!


matt krantzberg
5 years ago
20 posts
it's a journey my dude. stick with it. to be completely honest I was fully happy with my hair until like 4 or 5 months ago and I've had my dreads for a year and a half.
matt krantzberg
5 years ago
20 posts
I wasn't*
5 years ago
14 posts
Exactly what Matt said, my head was a disaster till month eight. A beautiful disaster, and you'll appreciate the process once you get to a solid point and they start looking up. Hang in there!!
5 years ago
1,291 posts

i think they look awesome! why do you want to cut them?

5 years ago
95 posts

OMG! They look awesome! You gotta do what you gotta do, but since you're asking.. Don't you dare cut 'em out :)

5 years ago
89 posts

Dude hard call.I can see where they are going, sometimes that is a hard thing to do, finish the ride. It all depends really on why you have them, fashion, self expression, spirituality. Then depending on the reason you can justify keeping them or cutting them.

Princess Kay
5 years ago
47 posts

THEY look really nice!

Anyway, they still have to keep changing and getting better and better..... even just for curiosity.,,, now that you ve gone trhoug the worst.... why not keep going??

christina bird
5 years ago
54 posts

NO dont cut them !!! :O

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