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I need help. Parents and the social parts.

5 years ago
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So I started to neglect my hair a week ago, I think it is coming up nice getting curly and sectioned it self.
The problem is that my mum think im going into a depression, She know i don't use shampoo thought she don't know that I'm letting my hair dread.

Do I tell people about I am growing dreadlocks. Explaining you don't need to shampoo seems to be of no succes when people is so used to every materialistic crap that they use. What should I tell people and what is usless to tell if they aren't generally intrested in dreadlocks.

She used argument no one will want to meet you with your dirty hair, you won't be able to get a job and it looks disgusting. How do i reply to that?

Is there any social challange I will experience when growing dreadlocks?

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5 years ago
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You shouldn't have dirty hair for one thing, get a non residue dreadlock shampoo, or use baking soda and apple cider vinigar, you should have the cleanest hair possible, it is best for dreading.

You will meet heaps of people, keep your hair and heart clean and the people will come to meet you.

Answer whatever questions you want to. Enjoy your dreadlocks, enjoy the journey, if you are happy, your mum will chill out.

peace and blessings.

Danielle Hache
5 years ago
101 posts

you have to wash your hair !!! it wont lock up if its oily and dirty, get to washing my friend

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
28,336 posts

well u are washing right with something i hope?

u do want to be washing

so tell her mom

im growing dreadlocks and 1 ofthe advantages of dreadlocks is it seperates superficial morons from the more accepting inteligent people

it would be the same if i had a deformity otr a certain color skin or was overweight etc the people that dont want to meet me with dreads are he people im better off not meeting

however many more people would have the oposite effect and want to meet me

if you couldnt get a job with dreads then wed never have made it to the moon cause 1 of the designers and builders of the 1st rocket to the moon had dreads he now is the ceo of the largest biodeisel refiners in the country

yes a bilionair

u will have some negative mean comments froim ignorant idios but way more ppl give u massive respect

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long
5 years ago
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^word :D

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