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KnottyBoy + DreadheadHG

Theodora Martino
5 years ago
22 posts

Dreadheads out there, who know the truth about these business!

Im so upset, and pissed that they have gotten so big, and who MAKE UP LIES FOR MONEY!

There has to be some ways, to hurt them, and let more people know the truth!

? Anyone

-Peaceeee and thankss memberss

updated by @theodora-martino: 01/13/15 09:44:09PM
5 years ago
836 posts

All we can really do is spread the word and educate people on dreads. We know that dreads occur naturally. We know wax is bad. but so many people out there think that you have to put nasty stuff in your hair to make it knot. or do nasty things to their hair. Yes I agree the companies that push the misinformation to sell their products are bad. Being pissed and wanting to hurt someone/something isn't gonna help, it will only hurt you on the inside. As long as people believe in falseadvertisingthey will buy the product. Our society is based on instant gratification. Instant dreads are more appealing than healthy dreads. What will help is to pass the word along. Teach people that dreading involves time and patience, not products and maintenance. Just by you having dreads....people will ask questions. Take the time to educate them :) We are all getting the word out.

Theodora Martino
5 years ago
22 posts

as in like "hurt" as in, hurt there profits. haha sorry

Theodora Martino
5 years ago
22 posts

yeah..thanks so true. i wish i was famous or something so i could just get the word out to alotta ppl

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
28,196 posts

here we have a dreadheadhq and knottyboy reviews page

when searching dreadheadhq uit comesup number 3 when searching dreadheadh1 reviews number 1 simular results for knottyboy

so their reviews are hurting them plenty thery have a really bad name except among newbies that dont know better

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