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My greatest decision in life :)

6 years ago
6 posts

Your hairs are beautiful, as are you. I went through the same thing as you. Thinking I wanted perfectly maintained, uniform dreads. Didn't take me long to get over that! heh I quickly fell in love with all the lumps, bumps and craziness. Even after almost 5 years (next April), I can't keep my hands out of them.

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6 years ago
10 posts
I too was had the same mentality of "perfect" dreads. Once I did my tnr method I realized that the hair itself, every strand, had its own wants and needs. It's a beautiful thing the transformation of each dread as they mature and I've found a solid 2-3 times a week BS soak really helps the process. Clean dreads are happy dreads! We are created in the image of yahweh himself, perfection, why change and or less with perfection. You are all beautiful and daydreamer, you are very gorgeous as well. No doubt! Your dreads are wonderful and should be an inspiration for others! I need to post more pics but mine are almost 4 months. And change is amazing. I love it. People bitched and moaned cuz they thought I ruined my long "beautiful" hair. Haha, I said no, now its perfect. Keep in touch daydreamer. I like watching the changes. Grace and truth to all!
River Darling
6 years ago
11 posts

These are beautiful!! So are you :)
I loved reading this, I wanted "perfect" dreads at first too, now I love the crazy stuff each of them does! Only have three so I admire you going for it all at once :)

River Darling
6 years ago
11 posts

They're beautiful. I'm thinking of doing some t'n'r myself, as a gauge, how long did your "wiggles" take to settle down?

Marc Gravel
6 years ago
123 posts

Beautiful dreadies!! I had the same problems with family and some friends, (not my close friends). Everyone wondered what i was doing to my hair because I had wavy hair that everyone seemed to be envious of. I kept on going just like you, and I couldnt be happier!!
Much love, you look great! :)

6 years ago
47 posts

My wiggles an loops are settling but they won't be completely done for a while. I'm in my 7th month now and they started popping up around my 2nd thru 4th months. The twist and rip method is what works best in my opinion. I had a friend do my whole head with a mixture of tnr and backcombing and they started locking upimmediatelybut I did one dread near the front of my head myself using just the tnr method and it looks better than the rest. I'm so proud of it too. :)

River Darling said:

They're beautiful. I'm thinking of doing some t'n'r myself, as a gauge, how long did your "wiggles" take to settle down?

6 years ago
174 posts

My God, you are gorgeous! :)

Liz Delamp
6 years ago
7 posts
Beautiful dreds! I love the beads and messy windy look
5 years ago
5 posts
I'm debating on dreading my hair. This definitely makes me want to do it. The fact that so many people are thankful and happy because of their dreads makes me wantto do it.
Hannah :)
5 years ago
21 posts

this is awesome!

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