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Hello! 120ish dreads, is it too many?

6 years ago
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So just wanted to say hi and get some advice regarding my "dreadlets"- they are only 3 months only so I don't feel I can properly call them dreads yet. I have around 120ish dreads that were started using twist and rip. Generally I'm enjoying the process and the change in me - initially I wanted pretty perfect skinny dreads, but reading around and thinking through the practicalities I realised thatperfect wasn't for way I can palmroll that many!since they've started I've began to more and more enjoy the imperfection and have found it kind of releasing. I'm normally so impatient!So celebrating exciting loops - butalso celebrating the freedom I'm finding in it. Happy days! So I've done no maintance except trying to separating them - which I haven't done that often to be honest.

So the last week or two I've been a bit overwhelmed at how much volume there is! I've got thick hair anyway so it's always been big. And there seem to be patches where Ican't rip them apart,and they are growing into each other. I'm begining to feel abit disheartened with them and wondering if I should havedone bigger sections.So I just wanted to get some thoughts - is 120ish too many? Will they dread ok? Will they begin to lie a bit flatter? Did anyone hit a mental blip around this point? I've attached some photos. Any feedback/advice would be fab


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Baba Fats
6 years ago
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120 is a huge number, but from looking at your pics, they don't look too thin. In fact, looking at your pics, I'd probably say that you'll really end up with something like 70.

If you want them to be a bit thicker you could just stop separating asvigorously. Still separate just as often, but don't separate all of them. Let a few, here and there, congo together.

If you let some of the smaller ones combine, you will end up with fewer locks, but stronger roots. They will still look fine. You wont have any patches that look empty. You've got enough hair to fill in those gaps.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
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they look great

at 1 point i had over 200

i dont think its too many at all however when they are to the ground 120 maybe alot to keep rtrack of..and out of car doors etc

its a good thing palm rollings opiintless


we;ll if a couple do combine all that does is make em thicker..and reduce the number.. so dont worry if a couople do that accidently id still seperate to trt to prevent it but if it happens its meant to be

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JESSICA EVA (Eva Lovelocks)
6 years ago
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in my experience, 120 thin tnr dreads are probably going to start to bunch up somewhere near the botom half of the dread and form a type of "dread ball" at what will become the end tip of the dread, while the rest of thedread will continue to grow in in it's natural thickness. i think the thin, lightweight dreads are most likely to have massive shrinkage. to be honest, if i were you, i would separate lessand let them combine themselves where they want to, if they even want to.

compared to my thick dreads, my thin dreads look reallystringy now that they are mature, but with a heavy medallion thing or a super bunchedup weightyzigzag at the bottom... needless to say, i'm worried the roots are much weaker from carrying the weight!

JESSICA EVA (Eva Lovelocks)
6 years ago
217 posts

if you want to have a lot of dreads, and also look like you have a lot of hair too, i would aim for around 60-70 dreads to begin with.

6 years ago
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It's always a lot easier to start of small and congo than to start off big and separate...

You look like you have really dense hair, like myself, and I actually had to separate some of my thicker dreads because as they started to form they were doubling in girth and were taking longer to dry. Another thing that I took into consideration was that my hair is so heavy that it makes my scalp sweat A LOT (even when undreaded) so, having the thinner dreads helps to get more airflow to the root area.

If you decide to go bigger then you can always combine 2 and let them congo together.

6 years ago
2 posts

Thanks for the feedback and encouragement! so the gist is don't panic, and let some congo right? It wasn't part of the original plan but I think congos will be quite exciting if/when they happen. xxx

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