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Glad I found this site.

7 years ago
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Ok so this is a bit off tangent from what hippiegal said, one of the strongest forms of marketing and control is to rob one of intrinsic value and worth, leaving them void of identity and sense of true worth. I believe humanity must be identified and valued, and when we believe we are not, we naturally will seek it out. This then is where marketing comes in because once you are left insecure without a sense of self worth and intrinsic dignity they then sell it to you in the form of a product. Why else do they spend millions to have some actor, musician, or athlete don their cloths. Not because Jay Z knows a good product, but because subconsiously they are trying to imply that by buying their product you will in some way take on the identity of that person, hence fulfilling your felt lack of identity.

Oh yeah dreads. So in a very minor way the marketing techniques of DHHQ is perfectly in line with the societal system (make them feel insecure about their identity "dreads in this instance") then market that if you use said product you will have something that others will envy, hence granting that identity you have been conditioned to think you need to buy.

Ok I'm new and already went on a conspiracy theory rant ;)

Oh yeah soaing eagle, what you said about the nazarite vow is the thing that was getting to me. Now I'm not a nazarite (but don the dreads as a reminder of the symbolism "the symbol of your separation unto the Lord shall be upon your head") so to me some wear religious symbols as a reminder to them around their neck or tattooed on their arm, but for me it is upon my head. None the less, to then comercialize that symbol, allowing that thing to be something that draws me into the superficial cycle of our sociatal system is then a contradiction in and of itself. To me my dreads are a reminder of where I came, and the system I'm being called out of, yet in that I was sucked right into it by feeling more and more insecure about the appearance of that symbol.

So yeah my scalp feels great, but spiritually it is actually quite liberating on a deeper level.

Final note, being new to a community about hair, if I just went way too deep and too soap boxy, I apologize!

updated by @choice1080: 07/23/15 12:14:56AM
7 years ago
184 posts

Be as soap-boxy as you like, Choice! If we don't identify the mechanics of the 'system' and name it out loud, we let it go on. The system deals with any challenge to its power (eg, dreadlocks and what they stand for) by either marketing it, co-opting it, or making it illegal. That's oversimplified, I know. As you said, the processes of enslavement and liberation are not just political, they also involve deep levels of human psychology.

To me, the phrase 'conspiracy theory' is an example of how the system dismisses its critics. Give it a label, make fun of it. But when people start looking for underlying patterns, a lot of truth can come out. They may not all be right, but they are quite likely looking in the right direction.

Now, you wanted to talk about hair? LOL! :D Personally, I think it's all relevant.

Kelly Martin
7 years ago
4 posts

God, I LOVE Conspiracy Theory rants!!

Welcome Choice!!



7 years ago
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I wash mine once every two to three weeks or so unless I been at a bar or get gasoline in them from workin on buses. I been using Grandpas pine tar shampoo. I let the dreads take their couse besides that.

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