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*deleted by OP

7 years ago
41 posts

*deleted by OP

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Cameron Zion
7 years ago
45 posts

It's awesome that you've come to this realization. My girlfriends hair type seems to be the same as yours and her hair formed blunted dreads in a month and she washed her hair daily. Cleaning your hair with a baking soda mix is an experience itself, the cleanest I've ever felt. As far as the people around you, people take note if you stand up for what you're doing it sort of demands respect and eventually (usually and hopefully) they accept you for the individual you are, it happens every time you change habits or goals. Most everyone's hair is meant to dread all the combing and chemicals keep it from doing what Jah (if not Jah fill in the blank) has designed it to do. Never let anyone stop you from being yourself its a freedom everyone desires and everyone deserves.

Rainbow Fortune
7 years ago
123 posts
Good for you! I wish you all the best on your journey. :)
7 years ago
21 posts
cheers dude! this sounds like the start of an amazing adventure for you! be strong and happy!
7 years ago
19 posts

I'm really proud of you for starting your dread journey with so much purpose and meaning.

It sucks to hear you had to spend time in a group home. My parents rejected me too and I spent enough time in group homes and foster homes to relate.... except it sounds like you found love and support in yours. What a blessing, my experience was much less supportive. It's great that they could send you off ready to conquer the world!!

I wish you the best on this journey, please post pics because you have awesome hair to begin with, I want to see lots of pics along the way! :)

7 years ago
336 posts
Yay! Joy in your journey']
7 years ago
22 posts

I like that idea that God wants your hair to be natty... You certainly will have to deal with some haters who will say negative things- they're always around. And on the subject of they're just for black folk, I've been dealing with that lately because I feel like if you're of African descent you can get dreads and its like "Oh, you're just going natural and embracing your culture" but if you're not, it is automatically assumed you're a stoner or a dirty hippie or some such negative thing. So when I face discrimination as such, I think of this saying I once heard regarding locks- It's an outward expression of the inward knowledge that appearances are of nosignificance.

I wish you happiness & patience on your journey & understanding for those around you.

~Much Love~

7 years ago
19 posts
omg wow did it take forever!!!
Mary White
7 years ago
27 posts

Thank you and your wallet for not blowin' $50.00 on your dreads.

And, I'm glad the BS/ACV is workin' for ya! :)

Nothing wrong with TNR to get them started, and then letting them do their own natural thing. That's what I did. They loosened up a lot, so it's kind of like I just let them be all natural, but they have a bit of pre-formed definition. I don't tnr the loosened ends or backcomb or palmroll.

I have heard that before, too.. from black people.. oh, you can't have dreads, that's just for black people.. I'm sorry.. but if hair CAN naturally dread.. then it's supposed to. :) Regardless of race.

Type 3b?

My husband's hair, and family were the same way. He had thick, curly hair that grew up and out.. like a fro. They made him feel so bad and kept it short, and when he grew it out, he got a pair of electric clippers sprung on him and a 2 inch gap, so he's had his head shaved ever since.. He has talked about letting it grow back out and getting dreads, but he is afraid of his family's opinion.

I know what it's like to be in a foster home, unfortunately my experience wasn't as positive as yours. But congrats....

Discrimination is everywhere.. mostly in ignorance,.. just smile and go on. Do what makes you happy.


Peace K!


Adam Jaymes Robinson
7 years ago
19 posts
Haha.. "dreads are for black people.." Dreads are millenia old brother.. Im an African American and i think that is the most ignorant thing i have ever heard.. Well maybe not the MOST, but pretty close.. Follow whatever path you find attractive man and go with self-love, determination, and knowledge of self.. Trust me, i'm from a backwoods town in Nebraska and i feel like i have an obligation to dispel dread myths everyday, which, has tempted me to wear a tam whenever i leave the house to discourage any scrutiny by the "bald-heads" haha but i dont want to so i dont and i put up with everyday ignorance.. But thats ok because im doing what I think is good for me and its funny to see the same people criticize me for dreads jump in theyre cars and blare lil wayne or wear Robert Nesta Marley t-shirts.. I have to remind myself that not everyone understands the things i do. Peace brother and ONeLOVe!
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