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Namaste to all!! From a Loving, Awareness Building, Dreaded Mama!!

Summer Santos
7 years ago
9 posts

Hello, Dreadies!! I've been lurking around this site for months, and I just want to say that I am so thankful for such an abundance of Dynamic Dreadheads!! Thank you, SE!

Every question I have had about dreads, I have found the answer within this site!! I started researching dreads last year after my s/o, Jordan, decided to start his dread journey. At that time I had no intention of starting dreadlocks. Over the months, I secretly fell in love with them for several reasons:

  • Dreads are just TOTALLY AWESOME! I love how unique each and every dread is!! I love people, but I find overall societal conformity boring and disappointing.
  • Understanding: Every Dreadie I have ever met were intelligent, loving, happy, accepting, open minded people who had strong moral character. I truly believed that dreads would help to to learn better patience and help with my understanding of the universe around me. I also hoped to spread a little insight to those who are ignorant to how fantastic and clean dreads can be.
  • Time: I am a busy mama of two active boys (10 and 3), and I work long hours as a home health nurse. There are many more important things I would rather be doing than combing snarls out of my hair every morning.
  • Convenience: "Let it be" Nuff said... All I do is wash and separate.
  • Money: No more damaging products, styling instruments, cuts...
  • Style: Like I said, I like unique. I'm lazy at times, so low maintenance was nice, too. I look forward to having long, magnificent locks trailing down my back. (Right now, I'd be really excited if they were long enough to cover my nipples! I lost a lot of length!)
  • I love history, and dreadlocks are the oldest, most wide spread style throughout history. Several cultures tell stories about dreads or the strength and health benefits that comes with long hair.
  • Nature: I believe the earth gives us everything we need to live happy, healthy lives. As a nurse, I support lifestyle changes and natural remedies over pharmaceuticals. I am not opposed to prescription medication, and I agree it can be a nice buffer during situational crisis. Be informed and practice emotional maturity though.
  • Self Love/Self Actualization: I have a 10 year history of working in hospitals, schools, mental health and addiction treatment facility settings as a caregiver, secretary, nurse, group leader... Yet only within the past few years do I feel I am finally breaking out of my shell discovering the amazing secret of living a happy and healthy life... I believe in standing up for what you believe in and having something worthy to stand up for. I believe in truth. I believe if you ask a question you get an answer, but if you search for the answer you may find truth.

As I said at the top, I fell in love with dreads secretly. Jordan started helping me to backcomb my head within hours of my asking for his help. Everything I have learned involving dreads is fun and enlightening. At times I feel disappointed I didn't go natural, but I am HAPPY this site alerted Jordan to the dangers of wax before I jeopardized my lovely locks! Life is a lesson, and I have no regrets! Forward thinking!

With that said, I'm looking forward to getting to know this community. If you are involved in any interesting groups you think I would like, I would appreciate suggestions! :)

Love Always and Forever,


updated by @summer-santos: 01/13/15 09:02:50PM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
28,421 posts

aww welcome lots of love to ya did jordon fall for the wax?

surprised u didnt dread as a kid seems u were born to dread

(they look amazing on u too)

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long
Summer Santos
7 years ago
9 posts
Thank you! That means a lot! Yes, we did not find this site until after the wax, but we have been using knotty and nice wax removal shampoo and his hair feels much better after a couple washes!! There is still wax in there but much less! I plan to do a "Why I have dreadlocks " video soon... Advocate...soon... lol
7 years ago
17 posts
Very good introduction! Lots of strong points!
7 years ago
9 posts

*holds up a 10*

i thought that was a solid intro! i feel like i know you now! lol

welcome my fellow newbie!!

7 years ago
12 posts
Much love to you,mama! Namaste. Xx
Kai Rayne
7 years ago
72 posts
Welcome!! Glad you joined! I don't get to post much as I am in the middle of a move but I look forward to talking to you along the way!
Summer Santos
7 years ago
9 posts

Thank you!! Best wishes for a safe and expedient move!! I am loving the community!

Kai Rayne said:

Welcome!! Glad you joined! I don't get to post much as I am in the middle of a move but I look forward to talking to you along the way!
Summer Santos
7 years ago
9 posts
You too! Your little baby dreads are so cute!!

fancyAmanda said:
Wonderful! I agree with so much of what you said and how you said it... welcome :) I wish you nothing but happiness on your dready journey.
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