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Shane OK
7 years ago
6 posts

Hey there dreadheads and enthusiasts!

My name is Shane. I have been contemplating beginning the journey of dreads for some months now with countless hours of research (thanks GOOGLE) on the subject. I am happy to say I have begun the all natural route and will keep ya informed of how it goes!

(Here is my pic of two weeks in with my pup "the dude")

updated by @shane-ok: 02/05/15 10:12:49AM
Lexz Luv
7 years ago
74 posts

WELCOME!!!! Good luck on ur dread Journey! U AND The Dude (HAHAHA i Love THE BIG LEBOWSKI...fav movie of all time) both look super cute and i cant wait 2 see how ur dreads come along!



Shane OK
7 years ago
6 posts
thanks for the wishes- yes I have a long road ahead but time is on my side!
7 years ago
17 posts
Good luck! keep us all updated with pictures!!
Kare T
7 years ago
83 posts

ditto with fancyamanda.

hardest part is joining this site and just seeing all the dreadies. find your info and techniques to live up

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