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Dreads with layered hair?

7 years ago
8 posts
Okay question my shorts layer right now is about 61/2 in an then it goes 8 in and than 10-11 in is this gonna effect dreading my hair or will it be different and unique like I hope?
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
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wont matter at all

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7 years ago
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Mine was similar to that before I backcombed it. The pic I have up is old, dreads were just a week or two then. As they are maturing (about four and a half months now) they are shrinking up, and the layers are still apparent. Looks pretty cool to me!
colbi godlove
7 years ago
48 posts
i worry bout my right side dreads being smaller then my left, 1-2 years ago i burned alil hair on accident, i havent cut it in 3+ years so i still worry about if i burned alot of hair or not, my friends said it did when it happened but they were laughing to hard to tell if they were lying or not lol but i do got more hair on my left side then my right i think :-(
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