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Hi There!

Kristina P
7 years ago
14 posts

Hey there, like a lot of you, I was ready to buy the DHHQ kit and go for it.

And like all of you THANK GOD I didn't.

My son, altho he is mortified by his mother getting dreads, sectioned my hair and i twist & rip, put rubberbands in the ends and palm rolled every day once or twice.

I wash every third day.

beginning of week 3 i took bands out and left them alone.

I tried the BS & ACV wash.

Didn't like it as well as Dr. Bonners but it cleaned them. They are started to come out a bit at the ends and at the scalp but i have no worries because you all said it would happen.

It is killing me not to touch them..... but I'm trying.

All my family and my church friends think I'm nuts and I have already heard every negative comment there is.

[camera phone does weird things to my photos when i upload them]

Iwantto thank all of you for the advice and information!!!

updated by @kristina-p: 01/13/15 08:53:02PM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
28,421 posts

remond those churchy ppl that the dreads in the bible were the holiest of the holy and the only ones permitted direct conversation with the devine as well as its said the only ones permitted in heaven so you got the last laugh anyways

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long
7 years ago
836 posts

I have a sixteen year old daughter....she doesn't like my dreads and i know i embarrass her sometimes because of the way i look. I am not your average mom but I am ok with that :)

i think your dreads look great! and you are adorable! It is wonderful that you found this site and started your dreads out right! Are you gonna do a time line? i wish i had!

Good luck with everything !

Brandon Arnold
7 years ago
184 posts

Yeah I hate when I go to church and people gave me weird looks.

I'm a catholic, and I used to be an alter server, and I had a mohawk and a lip ring. The priest thought it was pretty rad haha

7 years ago
9 posts

Way to be yourself! Your dreads are looking nice!

I myself go to a conservative church where many can be quick to judge on appearance. Each time I come back from school for break, I have a new tattoo or piercing. This time I came back with one of each, plus dreads. It's a great way to open those people up to different, out-of-the-box concepts. Now that they see that I'm the same person that I was beforethey're starting to be more accepting of others. While many of the older members don't understand, many are intrigued and fascinated by them. I've been able to clear up some misconceptions about dreads. I've had several people say that they were surprised by how neat they looked and clean. Keep your chin up and rock those sweet dreads of yours! :p

Chels ;)
7 years ago
37 posts
i think you look awsome with locks! keep on it girl they look great :)
sings songs and plants seeds
7 years ago
13 posts
Love the fact that a mom says her son is mortified with her dreads.... seemingly it is usually vice versa!!! So awesome and congrats to you on starting your journey, ill look forward to updates in the future!
Mia Elizabeth
7 years ago
45 posts

Dear Cool MOM,

They are lookin spiffy.

That is the reason I no longer attend service, belong to a parish, or consider myself catholic.

the judgement and hypocrisy.

I consider myself spiritual. I believe in God and treating others as best I can. THAT'S IT! lol

I think it's awesome you can still remain happy there regardless of the judgement. :)

Peace & love,


7 years ago
22 posts
hi there and goodluck with your locks
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