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Gonna begin my journey.

one month ago
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So I decided I want to start my dreads by going the natural route (or neglect, whatever the proper terminology is). From what I've seen and heard, it is simply not combing your hair. Well, I havent in about 3 days now and i can feel something going on on the back of my head, like hair is sort of gathering loosely together in different places. 

Any tips or things you guys know that I don't and should know would be great. I hear I should just shampoo it when washing and nothing else. My hair is already about 1.5 ft long and is wavy, I'd say like a 60% straight 40% curly ratio. 

Thanks in advance.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
one month ago
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well most normal shampoos are made to make hair manageable...meaning keep it from dreading

so a good dread shampoo really helps a ton

and towel drying can create knots, or erase 3 months progress in an instant so best to avoid that

other then that this sites so full of info you'll learn something new all the time just reading random posts

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