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Restarting my Journey!

2 years ago
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Hi, my name is Gage! I've had dreads before and used to be on this site under a different name.. (but that was before I came out as Trans and legally changed my name and started my transition.)

This time I am starting with a kinda short deathhawk style, I am not going to comb or brush anymore, just keep on moving and living my life, taking my vitamins and letting my hair do its thing. I may only keep up on shaving the sides for a little while, but I know that one day I will just let it all go. :)

For now, I love the deathhawk hair style and think it would look more badass with dreads :P

updated by @deathhawk: 06/08/16 08:50:49PM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
2 years ago
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welcome back

I can't even guess who you might have been before

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2 years ago
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Congrats on your new set of dreads :)

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