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5 months ago
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Hey guys
Its been 1.5years since i finished my chemo and surgeries. Since my hair grew out i have left it untouched for 1.5years.

Today is some what of a situation, it automaticly dreads into spirals and springs. I usually make a bun or ponytail and wear a bandana as my sides hairs stick out alittle.

The purpose of me getting dreads is basically for better controle, rather then having a wicked wag idd rather have my dreads look more stylish. At thia moment my front hair is 27cm and back 38cm.

I like the medium-thin / medium dreads that are perfect for controle and buns, aswell as braids and alike. I also think it will help when showering to lead water out.

These pics show ma current situation, if not washed for 2-3days and cambed (impossible and i hate it) well then i have beginning dreads


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 months ago
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congrats on your recovery but the dreads are doing great you will have to separate often that 1 looks too thick

wearing them up or covered will only double the problem

your forcing them to matt together if left too long.. into a  bun shaped single dread

give them time to dread before you worry about styling them

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