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One more time!

Shayla Waychoff
3 years ago
33 posts

Hey everyone! So I've been here off and on for a while now. When I first joined I just wanted dreads quick and easy and super cute, etc. So vanity. Then I returned again and did neglect/freeform but I had only gotten to about two months in when I took them out. I didn't want to take them out but some things in my life took turns and all that jazz. So since then I've shaved my head a few times, grown it out, cut it, shaved it, etc. but my hair is getting sliiiiightly longisher now. So, it's at around 3.5 inches and while it's growing out I'll be starting dreads again! I know that you usually need at least 4 inches of hair, so this is a premptive strike at a hello! But while my hair grows and grows, I'll stop brushing and we can see what happens haha. Glad to be back!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
3 years ago
28,421 posts

great to see you back

well if you take biotin daily it will grow faster

it doesnt always need  4 inches  or 6  generaly 6 is  accepted as the  "will dread" length for natural dreading though it can certainly happen shorter like 4  though if  it does it will be slow till 6

4 is generaly the min for tnr  if u want them to stay in

welcome back

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long
Tati Bear
3 years ago
13 posts

Hell yeah man thats whats up, on growing your hair. Those clippers can be hella addicting man, my girl had to throw mine away before I finally stopped shaving my head! Good luck on your journey man!

Shayla Waychoff
3 years ago
33 posts

Thanks to you both! Yeah, I'm just letting it do it's thing as it grows. Practicing patience. Time passes no matter what we all do! :)

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