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Day 3 and need advice.

Samantha Zimmerly
4 years ago
7 posts
Ok. I used twist n rip method. I've had them in for 3 days now and broke down and washed them today. I used a baking soda wash. Now after I did this they're really loose at the roots and tips. Is this normal? I know they're not supposed to be beautiful yet, and I know they get looser at first but I guess my question is, should they be this loose?
updated by @samantha-zimmerly: 01/13/15 10:06:19PM
4 years ago
6 posts

Hey Samantha, it is completely normal for TnR locks to loosen. you actually want them to loosen. If they are too tight it will cause a number of issues. I've also read here on the site that there should be loose roots. I am growing natural locs but did try an experiment with TnR on one section that seemed like it would take a long time to progress. I was not happy with the result, and took it out after a few days. It just kept getting tighter and more rough. Now that area that had a TnR is section in a whole different way (not from the TnR but from where the hair naturally wanted to go.

So yes, it is ok to be that loose. your scalp will thank you later. Hope this helps, and I'm pretty sure someone else will chime in on this topic. Hope you have a great day! =]

Also, it is good to wash, Clean hair dreads the fastest cause oily hair does not like to lock into knots. Pretty soon all the stray hairs will find a home. Generally, I've read that people wash 2-3 times a week. This allows your hair to dry properly between washes so you don't get rot/mold.

Arkynstone GypsyFae
4 years ago
37 posts

Jasper's response is correct.

Also, your hair type is a big factor too. I have free-form/neglect dreads but tried a couple TnR dreads in the sections by my ears that weren't wanting to lock up. My hair is naturally fine. They stayed in for a few days, but totally unwound themselves within a week and a half to two weeks. I redid them and the same thing happened. Now they're just doing their thing naturally (still mostly loose but starting to get a few little knots).

Just be patient with them and enjoy the journey! They're going to change often and in different ways for a long time. A friend who did the TnR on her whole head has had hers for over 3 years and she said they are still changing all the time. :)

Koko Earthling
4 years ago
0 posts

Yes, don't fret! Loose roots and loose ends are prevalent even in mature locks. Think of it this way, you want the hair to have room to move so it can get tangled and lock up, and that room at the top is basically utilized as space for that! :) so don't worry. Wear a wool hat this winter and just forget about them in between washes (after washing you should separate them, thats all!) The loose hair will get picked up by locks as it sees fit. Your hair is gonna do what is good and healthy for it if you let it! :)

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