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help on starter method

Dylan flfl
4 years ago
3 posts

I Got Caucasian Hair thats straight i was wondering if i got a perm a curly ass one i Could start the twisting method because i like how african americans dreads are so thin n backcombing n twist n rip are to big for for me i think they look nasty i want nice thin locs no offense to anyone that has them we all like out own thing anyways AND NO im not getting a dread perm dont suggest that they look nasty

would comb coils work after i perm the shit outta my hair?

So if i got a perm could i start with the twisting method?If i could would it turn out as thin as Most african american dreads

If it dont work what other method possibly could i try to get alot of nice thin dreads

Heres some videos of some guy that i want my dreads like

Thanks for your time i appreciate it

updated by @dylan-flfl: 01/13/15 10:03:58PM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
28,431 posts

if u think dreads look nasty dont get dreads

in vid 1 he lkooks like he will be bald if he keeps up that method in vid 2 they are stiff and damaged

the "locs" african americans get are eithewr natiral..and healthy..or twioasted/interlocked and extremely unhealthy in fact 40% of all african americans gf3et traqction alopeciaq from braids dreads and weaves

concideringh about 40% get braidsa weqves or dereads that means over 90% that do

the thin dreads with wisde areas of scalp showing is a medical condition

the 2nd vids crochetted wich makes them real stiff and extre,ely damaged

dint try to get dreads like someone elses or u will always be disapointed let youir dreads be as they want to be and u will always lovew them

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long
4 years ago
597 posts

no matter how hard you try & if you do everything the exact same as someone else you will never be able to get the same dreads. too many different variables. learn to accept & love yours as they are because they are unique & only yours.

to get lots of thin dreads separate often to keep them small. you may want to use beads or wraps to help. i have a lot of thin dreads naturally, but if you hair knots very fast they may get too fat too quickly, if that is the case & you can't keep up maybe you can section out & tnr to just get the sections situated.

Jenifer J
4 years ago
42 posts

for backcomb and twist and rips, they are as big as you want to make them. i have 82 babies... i started with 22 babies but decided they were too big and separated most of them into smaller sections... i could have even more than 82 if i split up more of them...

Picture attached of long, thin, t&r babies...

4 years ago
174 posts

ALL dreads are beautiful. And if you don't believe so you should just leave..Soaring Eagle said it perfectly, the guys hair looks damaged. Don't let him be your role model. Trimming loose hair off of dreads is not okay!! (listened to 5 seconds of 2nd vid.)

If you want awesome dreads stop brushing for two weeks, then GENTLY TnR sections that will serve as the 'blueprint' to your dreads. After that, wash, separate, and let. them. be. !! Maybe you should stop by the dreaducation section of this site?
Hope everything goes well, happy dreading.

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