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8 years ago
390 posts
First off, I found this site while searching for "Natural" recipes for a dread lock "accelerator" late last night/early this morning.My thanks go to SoaringEagle for creating this site and to everyone who has made any contribution to the excellent information found here.Lastly....I am Rayne-William. For the past year and a half I have, unsuccessfully, working on dreading my hair. I have tried a few different things and nothing seemingly worked out for my, really, fine hair. Until I tried the sea salt, lemon juice and water mixture this morning.I tend to spend more time lurking around the forums for information.
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8 years ago
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Hey welcome!just got a few question to make it more clear for me :PWhat do you mean exactly by working on dreading your hair? is that natural way?and what are you washing with?see you around man!peace
brooke blinebry
8 years ago
13 posts
welcome here~
8 years ago
47 posts
welcome! best of luck to you and your locks! they will thank you for starting here ;)
anthony williams
8 years ago
101 posts
welcome! i have really fine hair too:) you found the right place to be bro!~Namaste~
8 years ago
390 posts
Everyone: Thanks for the welcome.Remiss: Really fine hair tends to be really smooth and silky and knots can come out easily.I washed my hair with Nuetragena's Anti-Residue shampoo once a week and Lamas Beauty Stimulating shampoo on the third or fourth day after using the Nuetragena product. I haven't brushed and/or combed my hair for the past year and a half.
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