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Myth Folklore Ancient Stories Of Powerful Dreads/Hair

5 years ago
38 posts

Taye was my inspiration for starting this discussion. My other inspiration is my friend Pete...

... who told me an awesome mythical tale of great warrior huntsmen who had long beautiful locks, some of these great hunters were captured by ignorant men, who forced them to cut their hair, and hunt as slaves for their "masters" food. Once these men were sent out into the woods to hunt, they found they were not able to kill anything. They came back empty handed. Once their hair was cut, they lost the will/courage/energy/power/ect. to be the great huntsmen they once were.

Angry, the captors went out and gathered more men to enslave, deciding that maybe cutting their hair did have something to do with it (though it sounded crazy) They found that when they sent these men out to hunt, they indeed could still hunt and bring back great amounts of food.

..I wish i knew if this story had a "happy" ending where they rebelled against the captors, however i do not. i only got a part of the story during a breif game of darts while explaining to my dreadhead friend that i must cut my hair to donate becasue it was a vow i took. but that i would definatly grow it back out. :D and dread it.

Does anyone else know any awesome stories of powers in hair/ folklore where the hair is considered to be apart of onesself/aura; and to let it grow and be free makes your energy field larger/stronger/more powerful.

Very cool stuff.

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5 years ago
38 posts

here's another one. From the"biblical character in the Old Testament named Samson.. the story of Samson and Delilah. In this, two countries are warring with each other. Samson is a man who's strength is a gift from God, however his strength comes from his hair. Delilah seduces Samson into tell him where his power comes from, so when he's sleeping she cuts it off, thus removing his superior strength. Delilah turns him in to the enemy where they chain him to two pillars and ridicule him every night. Unfortunately for them, they forgot to count on his hair growing back!"

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