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Article Critique: "White People and Dreadlocks: A Problematic Union"

Angel Frye
6 years ago
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But Marc, you're missing the point.

We are quite aware racism still exists. We don't need to be bashed over the head with it.

And white people claiming racism over their hair? Where did that come from? If you want to conform then conform with whatever you think you wan to conform to. If not then be grown up enough to make your own choices and live with it. It takes guts to be yourself.

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6 years ago
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Race is a social concept purely artificial. Peoplesufferedand still suffer because of it. It's a belief system like religion. It is forced on people like religion. It's ispredominantin the US but not everywhere in the Americas.That being said as long as this artificial concept exist and people hang on to it (especiallyin the US) we will have these problems. It is a belief system that causes suffering and it should be abandoned, it does not serve any purposeexceptto divide the human race. Btw Marc (if you are still reading the comments) I get your point "white" people (living in the US) can just "conform" and their problems cause by the way they look (actually the problem is theignoranceof others) goes away as for "minorities" as much as they "conform" they can not changethe problems (ignorance once again) thatarisesdo to the racial concept (belief system) that exist in yourcountry, did I get that right or I am missing your point?

Naked Naturalist
6 years ago
88 posts

i am native american and i wear my dreads with PRIDE.

Circle Dancer
6 years ago
121 posts

I agree that I was called a dirty hippie and judged for my looks before I had dreads (white/hispanic mix here).

And I wanted to add that there is no such thing as "reverse racism".... it's all just racism whether it's directed at white people or black people or anyone else. And it all needs to stop.

If you want racism to stop, STOP being racist. It's that simple. Be the change you want to see in the world. And don't feed your attention into things that are stupid and no longer serve us in the year 2012. Such as the attitudes presented in the original article in the first post.

6 years ago
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So the article writer is saying that everyone used combs, Norse, Anglo Saxon etc and NOBODY had hair that would dread. Or Celts never used colored mud and decorated their hair. And the only cultures who wore dreadlocks were Rastafarian or African American.


Thats like telling me I cant be pagan...and the only gods i am supposed to worship are the Orisha's or those native to whatever tribe i would be able to trace back to.


6 years ago
14 posts
So what of the person who colors their hair the Viking...or gets a curly perm of Red hair like an Irishman....or the person who puts relaxant in their hair or flat irons their curls straight? How about the African American who sports a mohawk? Is it only the person who dreads that propagates a culture? Or anyone who tames their mane into an unnatural state of coiffed perfection....
Danika Skalet
6 years ago
37 posts
@ Marc. Okay, I understand everyone's points here,but I have one issue. Marc you listed off many racial words but cunt doesn't fit it is a word that refers to the vagina (I personally find cunt to be a beautiful word use it on a fairly regular basis and find no offence in it). Now the only thing I can figure is (and I may be mistaken here) that cunt is a reference to the word squaw which for years has been a misunderstood word. Squaw doesn't mean cunt it means simply woman (as a whole, not any one body part) it was misinterpreted a couple hundred years ago and people ran with it. There's my two cents
6 years ago
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thats a one sided view and interpretation of life itself. ignorance is written all over it, people with dreads dont have to be rasta..i grew my dreadlocks because its a natural extension of my head. Hair locks no matter what color or culture or religion you belong to...we're all from the same place.

Supa Dread
6 years ago
100 posts

Just another fool babbling online without any accountabitly, trying to take people's freedom of expression away, while he/she himself is exercising such freedoms by writing that garbage. With that frame of thought then white folks shouldnt listen to hip hop, andblack folks shouldn't listen to rock. Garbage, garbage, garbage....nothing to see here.

Supa Dread
6 years ago
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Angel Frye said:

SE, some may call your last comment borderline saintly and others may think about it some more and call it arrogance. It's deep, either way. Worthy of consideration and meditation at least.

I will say this though; every culture's history has it's own evil moral baggage and nasty assed skeletons they want to forget or even pay people to censor out of history books. No matter what your color, tribe, ethnicity, or other EXclusive and not INclusive way you want to segregate humanity into groups this is true. We all have crap in the past that haunts us, embarasses us, and others try to hold over on us. I think it's up to individuals and the parents of today to teach their children how to avoid the attitudes of the past.

Now I want to see some hispanic dreads for a little flavor. come on! Where are you??? Let's really piss that ethnocentric bastard of an author off.

LOL, PRESENT! My mom is white, my father is black and i was born in brazil. So im aSouth American Mulatto, does that count?

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