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white people with dreadlocks

7 years ago
11 posts
my family is mainly norweigan and my mom instilled me with a strong sense of pride for my viking roots, i like to think that my hair reflects that. the only people ive ever known who had dreads were white and my friends are now asking me to dread their hair...and theyre white lol. dreads are beautiful and i think everyone looks beautiful with them :)
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7 years ago
20 posts
If "white people" were not meant to have locs, they wouldn't "need" to brush their hair. Really.Babylon will fall. I don't know about 2012 but it's inevitable anyone can see that it's all craziness and not sustainable. They have to turn off the tv first...I don't follow pop culture. It's an intentional thing on my part. No tv. No magazines. No news paper. So I dont know about growing acceptance.Why bother caring and fighting about it though? Fighting about anything doesn't do anyone any good. Even if it is just about hair. Just causes stress.
7 years ago
20 posts
Oh and one of the coolest historical figures ever with dreads, also a white guy: out his beard.
B Money Herbalist
7 years ago
2 posts
Maybe she is going thru some "race" related issues in her own life, trying to find her identity. Alot of times, people speak about things thru "their experience" and speak about what is their focus currently in life. So, if she was secure in being herself, she probably wouldn't have said anything and let you be you. Sometimes it's not about us, maybe "She" has some serious issues she is facing. Maybe invite her with some other "white" friends to maybe get closer to her ancestery and possibly change her mind and send out more positive vibes into the atmosphere!
7 years ago
15 posts
i dont think its stealing culture. even if it was, whats wrong with people sharing cultures? people typically just talk what they dont know. its never smart to speak out of ignorance. like as soon as some1 hears "dreadlocs" they think jamaican rastas". when actually that religion/way of life was discovered/founded by a man in america & wasnt taken to jamaica til later. even so, there are 3 if not 4 times as many people in india with locs than there are in jamaica. & in india thats been done for thousands of years. as it has been in many other places. but none of that matters to me. hair is hair. if you like the style then get it. who cares who "did it first". thats childish & there are bigger things in life to focus on.
7 years ago
71 posts

you will not convince anyone from those type of sites that dreadlocks are not solely black.

bottom line for them-black was the first man therefore black "invented" dreadlocks all else copied.

strange as it seems white people invented the term "dreadlock".

so if they truly want their culture bloody call it by it's correct name they are "locks".

only rasta have "dreadlocks"

the original movement called themselves "dreads" and allowed their hair to lock up due to beliefs, the white upperclass though they looked dreadful, the movement called themselves dreads,

therefore the locks of the dreads became dreadlocks.

answer me this, if it is black only hair style how come the world in general had never seen or heard of it before bob marley surely all blacks wear their hair in their traditional style.

utter crap!!

block these people from your ears they deserve none of your time till they grow up

7 years ago
19 posts

Yea currently my youtube channel is taking some heat because I'm white and have dreadlocks. Their arguments are ignorant and their hatred is strong.

I didn't even bother trying to argue with them but maybe I will give them a link to this section of the forums.


7 years ago
275 posts
Excellent posts I love what all of you said. This hatred is cultural IMO it's a lot worst in the U.S. The racial concept is every were you look in american media so it keeps on spreading (like a virus) separating people convincing people that you are very different from other humans just because of a small genetic mutation that influences hair skin and eye color.
Amanda Turner
7 years ago
3 posts

I am part native american and i believe i the bible and the walk of Buddha and I have dreads, oh dear, I have yet to feel that my family accepted thisdecision of mine but I see Dreads as away of becoming aware of yourSpiritualself. John thebaptist,Samson, Jesus, they all had locks and they had a cleardefinitionof who they wherespirituality. I love looking up pictures of dreads, and i have yet to find two people with the same kind they all have their own connection to it. It shows those who want to stand out and stand up for who they are, not onlyspirituality, but as a person that dreading your hair is not following the crowd, but becoming yourself and not worrying how the rest of the world does their hair. EXAMPLE. A rock comic-con was coming to town and before I had my dreads I was going to go asSweeneyTodd. well after i got my hair died to match I saw a music video that had the same style, (She sings, Jars of heart) well i thought nothing of it but after that everywhere i went i saw people with the same kind of hair and felt I had to do something, I see dreads not only help with connecting to my spirit, but it helps me accept me for me and show people I rather define myself then let the world tell me who i am. though I started my dreads myself withoutneglectand i plan on extending my hair it is mine, and who i am, I follow my God not the world and dreads, give peace and joy to those who reallyappreciate each story behind them, I have mine,

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