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Dreadlocks in Classic novels.

7 years ago
57 posts

So just had to share this: A character in Jane Eyre has "Elflocks"!
Was re-reading the book yesterday and couldn't believe I'd missed it the first time.

It's strange... now I have started on my dreadlock journey, I find reference to them everywhere. Seems like a sign!

Has anyone else found dreadlocks in places you wouldn't expect?

updated by @charlotte: 01/13/15 08:56:10PM
Matted Dew
7 years ago
213 posts
People always point to Samson (from the Bible), hewas a Nazarite who had "seven locks". He gained his powers from these locks... and so on
I bet you could find loads of references to them(locks) if you're lookin for it
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
28,331 posts
in sheapkspear theres refferences tio elflocks and i think in the mysts of avelon too but i cant remember for sure

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