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dog mackerel
5 years ago
8 posts
hello again troops. i was wondering, how many practising religions there are that involve the growing of dreadlocks? and whether the reasons for growing them differ from one religion to the other?
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
27,278 posts

almost all religions involve the growing of dreadlocks and yes they differ although i think there are simularities in a few

rasta jewish and christian have pretty much the same reasons while buddhism partialy does in that your letting go of the need to control and of vanity

hindu and muslim i believe have a simularity in that the hair of the head should be left unkempt uncut untampered with

like all religions ppl pick and choose what to believe and reject (i just discovered for instance that jesus was vegayarian but lotta christians use the argument if jesus could eat meat its good enough for me even tho he didnt) point is every religion is completely changed into a million different beliefs by those who believe in it not only are all religions shattered into sects that each sect puts more belief into certain portions while totaly disbelieving ithers but within each sect each and every individual will belive slightly different things(li

so altho virtualy all religions contain dreadlocking not all who believe in those religions believe in dreadlocking or even the most core values of the religion (like though shalt not kill (unless ofcourse its someone you dont know in a far away land, or, someone who doesnt believe in your god))(or unless your hungry)

so u see even though every religion on eargh (except perhaps hare krishne) has texts pertaining to dreading all religions are shattered into a million different beliefs that render the beliefvf system virtualy useless for classifying what these beliefs contain.

in the end all the diferent religions ammount to is i know hods name and phone number and you dont ..

other then the name used all the other details vary too widely to have meanning

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