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8 years ago
3 posts
and irish!

i have a lot of dutch in me though
my great great grandparents lived in Amsterdam and i really want to go there and feel the energy and connection that they have left behind
updated by @jeanine: 07/27/15 11:14:23AM
8 years ago
327 posts
95% Aryan4% Greek1% Monkeyneedless to say 1% dominates over 99%...
8 years ago
12 posts
Irish, Spanish, German, Polish about a quarter of all I guess.
8 years ago
57 posts
Potatoes and jalapenos. Wow. Hahahaha I've got a bit of potato in me too, being 50% Irish o.O My mum's side is harder to tell, they're French, but Quebecois isn't really an ethnic group (lol arguable I guess) I think they came over from northern Europe? I've got blonde hair blue eyes and a hell of a temper if that's any indicator... lmao! :D Great thread!!!
Kyra Lou
8 years ago
17 posts
This is an interesting forum topic!I'm mostly GermanA good portion BritishWith some almost negligible traces of Irish, Scottish, Lenape, and Cherokee.
7 years ago
235 posts

When asked what i "am" i dont go by what my ancestor was from centuries ago. Bloodlines canbecome so dilluted in that amount of time. So i go by what my parents and to a lesser extent what my grandparents were. My mother is French. My father African American, though ilearned supposedlyhe had Seminole Indian in him from over a hundred andseventy years ago. I suppose this could be possible, given the accounts of run away slavesconsorting withand living amongst theFlorida Semninoles. But does that make me indian? No.

I guess you could say i am mullato.

Shanxon Lemasters
7 years ago
411 posts
Cuban (my great grandmother and father were pure cuban), Native American (my bio dad's mother was pure other than that I don't know cause I don't know that family at all), Dutch (my great grandfather's family was Amish and he was actually kicked out for marrying someone not of their religion apparently I have famous fam in Amish country up north in Ohio museum (diff grandparent then the cuban))
7 years ago
33 posts
1/4 german, 1/4 italian. rest is mixed between a lot of different peoples.
7 years ago
66 posts
I'm white .... hahaha and uhhh American ... yea American lol ... I'm a mutt
7 years ago
235 posts
That just means he prolly could of gotten liquor for a discount price so..he'd of been alright in my book hehe.

Shane Reinke said:
60/40 Italian/German :)

(My great great grandpa was a bootlegger for the mafia;nothing to be proud of,but interesting nonetheless)

updated by @thundersquall: 07/22/15 08:29:26AM
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