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Still concerned about my dreads...

Emma Dawn
6 years ago
8 posts

OK so i have not done anything to my dreads for like 6 months now...maybe longer. Before i found this site i was using alot of wax, gel, twisting, and just about anything else that can harm your dreads. So i have used the wax be gone 3 times but i still feel like they are niot clean. My dreads are getting softer but they are still hard in some spots. I also have a problem with lint in them. I am constantly finding lint stuck in them which drives me crazy. i also have thread locked in them because a salon thought it would be smart to sew in thread to make them look neater. My dreads are looking alot better than before and i have lots of loose hair on the body of the dreads and my roots. I love the nappy look and watching them constantly changing. Im just scared its too late for them to recover. I am ordering some more wax be gone and dread shampoo. But what can i do about the lint in them? I just need some advice and reasurance. I love my dreads and i cant see myself without them.

updated by @emma-dawn: 01/13/15 09:41:22PM
6 years ago
13 posts

Okay, Emma, I used wax on this set of dreads, (this is my 4th, and final set,) because I had brushed out some dreads a few months prior and had thousands of crazy different hair lengths and tons and tons of breakage. I really felt that wax was my only option. Bad move. They were embarrassing and looked stupid and I literally wore a hat for two years. When I had a problem getting wax out, I ended up basically using the same method you use to get a spilled candle out of carpet, only without direct contact heat and a much lower setting. (Not a clothes iron.) I spent many, many, many free hours watching tv with a blow dryer and rolls of paper towel. I would section my hair off and get it nice and melty with the blow dyer. You can feel the waxy mess. Then I would squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, dab, dab, dab with the paper towel! You can see it, too. This takes FOREVER but I promise you, it WILL work! I am not certain how good or bad for your hair this is, but considering how many people blow dry, flat iron, curl, etc... daily, it can't be horrible, esp compared to wax. My dreads will be 5 in February and they are lovely! I hope this helps. Hang tough, bb!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
28,512 posts

the heat will get alot not all the wax b gone will get it alkl hopefully but if u usd alot 3 uses probly isnt enough

wax is evil stuff to get out

lints ok lints not hurtin nothin just addin lil linty color to em

lint u gotta pick out what u can leave what u cant

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international
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