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Wet dreads

Elvira Figueroa
6 years ago
24 posts

So my dreads are 10 days old & i got splash with water,not alot but basically like spashing someone in the pool not all my hair was wet it didnt get soaked than god i let it dry and made sure it was all good but my dreads got puffy and not good looking, i did the backcombing method and i dont know what to do i really dont want to take them out.

updated by @elvira-figueroa: 01/13/15 09:33:15PM
James Turk
6 years ago
107 posts

Whats wrong with getting them wet? That helps them move around and "dread". The 2 best things for dreading are washing them and sleeping. I wash every other day and everytime I do I have less and less loose hairs, it's the single best thing to help the process. IMO.

Rainbow Fortune
6 years ago
123 posts

You have to wash them if you want them to dread. Dirty hair doesn't dread. Dirty hair is just... Dirty.

Was them whenever you feel you should, and separate. That's all you need to do. :)

If you haven't washed them since you've got them, I'd advise you to go and wash them right away. With BS or something else that doesn't leave a residue.

There's no need for you to take them out. And if they come out after a wash, do not re-backcomb them. That resets the progress to day one.

Tied up in knots
6 years ago
202 posts

There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting them wet. You should probably wash them if that's the only time they've been wet in 10 days.

It's good for them. Your dreads might get poofy. They might fall apart. But that's what they have to do in order to dread. And in order to do that your hair has to be clean. Greasy/dirty hair won't dread nearly as fast as clean hair.

SO get it wet. Wash it. Go swimming. Jump in a sprinkler. Have a water fight. Live life.

Just make sure to let your hair dry in between washings/wettings. Your dreads are new so you likely won't have too much to worry about in that department.

Do not waste time taking out your dreads and re backcombing. That's pointless. You have to go through this stage. We all do. The only way to put it off is to crochet and wax. And that will just make things worse in the long run.

Baba Fats
6 years ago
2,710 posts

Thanks guys.

What everyone already said is completely true.

Unwashed hair gets dirty, not knotted. Dirty hair gets oily and greasy. This prevents knotting and slows down and process.

Dreadlocks are an ever-changing process. Even when mature, they still change. I have one that I could get a bead on for years. Then one day, after I washed, I could no longer get the bead on. It got wider. And mine are 6 years old.

Dreadlocks do not form over night, no matter what starter method is used. Back combing and TnR only help your hair and scalp get used to where you want the sections to be. It is not a means to "create" locks.

So them unraveling is completely natural, and should happen. If you are very lucky, they won't untangle all the way. But if they do, don't stress about it. This needs to happen so that your hairs can actually start knotting. Just pushing them all backwards does not create knots. it just creates kinky hair. This kinky hair is easier to knot, but are not dreadlocks unto themselves.

So wash them, separate them when they start to snag hold of other locks nearby, and go enjoy life. You don't want to have to feel afraid to go outside if it's raining, or cross the street if a sprinkler is on someones lawn. Living in fear of all water is not a way to live.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
28,403 posts

what? u havent washed them yet? they will get poofy they will get messy they will fall otut most likely but you want to wash them they loooove getting wet dont be afraid of getting them wet

wash your dreads

k[]let them get messy

let themlook bad

its parrt of hoew they become dreads

let them do what they do

but by all means dont be afraid of water

water is hat helps them dread

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long
Tara C
6 years ago
645 posts

Relax, getting them wet helps them dread. They will look poofy or like they're coming undone when you wash them, but it's normal, they'll dread again on their own so no worries. Just wash your hair a few times a week with a non-residue shampoo (or ACV/BS). It'll be fine.

6 years ago
544 posts

What everyone is saying here is true about the washing and what to expect. I beseech you, take a look at the dreaducation page (link at top) and read up on the method you used (backcombing), washing, and maintenance, AT LEAST! This is great information for any dread head to know from day 1 of their journey.

After that, feel free to ask us more questions because we are here for help and support.

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