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too big dreads? your opinion?

6 months ago
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These are two months old dreads, are they too big? I have 36 dreads, is that normal number to have dreads? ALSO sorry if this topic doesn't belong in this category
6 months ago
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Do they seem too big to you? That's all that matters.

6 months ago
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They look like a good size.  SE always says 30+ is a good number to start with.  to me they look like a good size.

IF they're bigger that 1 inch by 1 inch at the base you may want to seperate them and retry but they look good from here!

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6 months ago
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As carol said 1x1 inch at the scalps the biggest youd want  that's typically 25 dreads  sometimes 20   20 is the bare minimum recommended (if you want easy care) 30-40 is medium ish medium thick 45-55 or so medium  when your up around 75 they are thin 100+ micro

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