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Blunted tips...

2 years ago
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Damn I'd love to have blunt tips, I just naturally have very curly and loose tips. I guess to each his own, but I just wanted to say I wouldn't compain if I was you, hope that helps Happy

haha I used to feel the same way. I rubbed in some tips within a few days or weeks (because mine were NOT blunting on their own), but then I realized the hassle (especially as a newbie) of drying the blunted tips (and plus, I was super worried about residue...(I can REALLY worry about things sometimes, well, and plus my poorly crocheted dreads WERE so tight and I used the wrong shampoo, blah blah blah). So I combed out the ends. The ironic thing is, it wasn't long before they started blunting up on their own! I still have a few hairs undreaded at the end, but it's not the full section of hairs, so it's pretty much blunting again. Ahh, so I might be combing out again sooner or later...but since it's summer, i guess, they are drying really pretty quickly, so that's good.

updated by @fundoo: 08/23/16 03:24:00AM
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