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New to dreads, read alot mine look hopeless (To me) and feel down about it.

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well..i wouldn't say "use whatever method you want at that point"

don't make another mistake on top of the 1st 1 use natural, or twist and rip

if you must, backcomb

but don't use crochet or anything else

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yeah , my bad - if you have done your research beforehand, you should know the least damaging way to do it besides natural, is twist and rip, and then back-comb - in that order, I'm pretty sure. But honestly , I find that I personally worried and fretted a lot less with natural vs forced dreads. With the forced sections, I worried so much that they would fall apart of I took out my rubber bands or washed them, but with natural , I just trusted that whatever fell apart, would 32nd up back where it was supposed to be anyway - but finally enough,my natural sections never have fallen apart - they already decided where they want to be. Even though they aren't locked, I can run water through them and wash them lightly and they stay the way they were before. Also, rather than straight out , awkward looking baby dreads sticking out everywhere you look more like you have messy hair until they actually form themselves, so the transition phase is 21st nicer lol for me, anyway

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stupid autocorrect

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What I can say is it sounds like you already have your decision.  You don't seem too thrilled with the results from the salon which is unfortunate.

I think you will be much happier if you drop the wax, Comb out the dreads they put in and allow natural sectioning.  

Hope you get your answer.  I await the update.

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