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White sticky stuff inside dreadlocks :S

Jane DOe3
4 years ago
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So I've noticed that my dreads are full of white stuff on the inside that kind of looks like link but there is really a lot stuck in them so I'm worried it might be mold (It's not very noticeable from the outside). It doesn't smell too much ut the tip of my dreads stay a little bit slimy or greasy couple days after washing them.

I've brushed out one of the skinny tips and took pictures of what I saw. (I think this could also be residue because I used normal shampoo for a while as well as a little bit of dreadlock butta)

Can anyone just tell me if this looks like mold/mildew? I'm very worried and don't want to cut or brush them out. Thank you.

PS: I'm not really sure but they are around 8-10 months T&R

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4 years ago
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If it was mold or mildew you would definitely be able to smell it. I would guess that it's most likely residue. Maybe try doing a few bs/acv washes and see if it helps?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
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dread butta i think contains wax too why would u ever put that in your dreads

regular shampoo can cause a sticky buildup but that looke thicker like the butta u say it doesnt smell much..when wett does it smell more

u can try the bs/acv but u might need a clarifying or anti residue shampoo they arent safe for every day use just for removing residue then use a dread shampoo (not from the buttahheads at dhhq)

slight chance u might want tio try wax b gone but it shouldnt be necessary

if it does smell musty at all while damp the rot knot will take care of that

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Jane DOe3
4 years ago
2 posts

Ok, thanks for the tips ! I have done two BS/ACV washes already and that hasn't gotten rid of the problem. I'll try some clarifying shampoo as well as a white vinegar rinse just in case and I'll post again if anything changes. The problem is I DON'T KNOW what mold smells like. There is a slight smell on my dreads but I just associated that with the baking soda

4 years ago
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The mildew soured smell of damp towels that have been left sitting for a week or so...that is what mold smells like, It stinks. I enlarged your photos. All I see is lint and a few split ends. I have never seen the butter stuff but I can guess that it is what has caused the sticky feel. Dreads attract lint. If your dreads are sticky then obviously it will attract a lot more lint than normal. I pick some of my lint out with my finger nails or tweezers but over the years I have just gotten used to knowing there will always be some in there somewhere. I have noticed that I get a whole lot less lint now than I did in the beginning.

4 years ago
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I have the same issue with my hair. My hair feels kinda sticky and there are some different kind of knots that form from it and I have the linty stuff in the center. It isn't mold or mildew and there is no odor. I only use Vicki's shampoo bars and shampoo 2-3 times a week. I have noticed though that the Patchouli scented bar has a tendency to make it stickier than the others I have tried. I have been using clarifying shampoo every month or two and unfortunately it doesn't get it all out. I don't use any oils, do have hard water, and no products have ever been used. If somebody has any idea of what to try I'm up for some advice too. Thanks!!

4 years ago
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Yeah.. This is also similar to what I am experiencing, that I posted about, about a month or so ago..

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