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Love-hate relationship

4 years ago
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I just started my dreads a week ago using backcombing. The knots seem to be staying in place despite washing once already. The biggest concern I have now is my scalp. My scalp keeps getting sore, red and has a couple bumps. I may be paranoid but I feel like my roots are weak. Also, I am told the gaps in my hair will close up but I dont know how long it'll take or how much to expect it to fill in?

updated by @jaime: 02/05/15 10:12:49AM
4 years ago
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Hi Jaime! The bumps, kinda like pimples seem to be pretty normal in starting new dreads. I experienced them too but mine were more less on my hairline on my neck. Your scalp may be sore if you made your dreads too tight. Your scalp has to adjust to the changes, but it will so hang in there. It is going to take some time for your dreads to fill in though. You will begin to get a lot of loose hair as your premade dreads come undone, the hairs will cross over and attach to other dreads filling in the gaps. I'm 15 months in and still have 1 straight line on the back of my head....damn it. I still have undreaded hair too though, everybody's journey is different. I wish you the bast and hope this puts you at ease some. Enjoy the ride! Take Care!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
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did u post on my blog are you the sc atterbrained one

sttop palm rolling ! palmrollings no goodforthem

wash atleast weekly and thats it

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