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Rainbow Gathering

Nicholas Ballard
3 years ago
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so im attending this years rainbow gathering in Montana and i was just wondering to hear some stories about past gatherings, maybe some of your favorite parts. im assuming at least a few of you have been, as i know soaringeagle has

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3 years ago
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not a story...just advice. Be careful of the water (make sure it is filtered). bring a flashlight. Always bring food for the kitchen near where you are camping( potato, carrots, beans) work in the kitchen (cook, cut veggies or wash dishes). Be ok with shitting in a trench in front of other people. Learn to love bleach. Drink lots of tea at Tea Time!!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
3 years ago
27,286 posts

when u wake up on the 4th head to main meadow in sillence

talent show and siger songwriter nights at the g funk are awesome

stories oh geez if i even begon id go on for pages and pages so ill leave that blank dfor you to fill in your own stories when u return...if u return

u might just hop on a bus to the next 1

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Nicholas Ballard
3 years ago
8 posts

haha, i wouldnt be surprised, i dont think my family would be very shocked either :P

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