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not sure if i want to keep my dreadlocks.

6 years ago
15 posts

I'M DONE! it took 5 days, but my hair is super healthy. just takes time and patience. got it cut and colored yesterday and i love it. let me just say that i loved every minute of this journey and i regret nothing. you learn a lot about yourself when you do something like this. it was time. my journey has ended, but gained so much from it. again, thx for this great website and all the wonderful people that are a part of it. i will post my before and after pics here.

ps: the hairball i was left with after the brushing was about 1 ft in diameter. lol

updated by @alyssaanne: 07/22/15 11:41:50AM
Baba Fats
6 years ago
2,710 posts

Congrats on it being healthy. It looks nice that colour.

I agree about getting what you needed out of your journey. I used to get high for years. 6 years ago (when I started growing my locks), I quite smoking weed. I got everything I needed from my time using it, and now I am done. The same could go for your locks. You learn a lo about yourself, and when you get what you need, you can stop.

Lifelong locks are not for everyone. It was your journey, and I hope it was an enjoyable one for you. If you ever want to go through it again, you're more than welcome

6 years ago
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yay! it looks beautiful!

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