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Any over 30's dreadies?

4 years ago
275 posts

35...36 soon.

updated by @jdwood: 07/23/15 03:26:34AM
Jackie C.
4 years ago
34 posts
I'm 32. I can relate to the feelings expressed. 'Good to see all the 30+ dreadies! 'Love you all! :)
4 years ago
75 posts

30 here!

Circle Dancer
4 years ago
121 posts

I'll be 30 this summer so I'm almost there. I feel about 19 though! :)

4 years ago
56 posts

35 last month :)

4 years ago
29 posts

I'll be 33 in June!

Angel Frye
4 years ago
409 posts

31 here. And now here's a question I've been wanting to ask-- how many of us have let our grays come in and are not dying the shit out of them?

I'm about 50% gray and only a month before I started locking up(so that'd be...four months ago?) I quit dying my hair. The urge just hit me all of a sudden to stop using so many chemicals on my hair. Admittedly, seeing all those sparklies in my hair like a skunk stripe down the center of my hair line is horrifying. I've got a four inch wide swath of salt and pepper down my part line and the rest of the length of my hair is cinnamon/auburn. Hubby calls me his "spicy momma," But it's also been deeply gratifying as I watch my locks grow out longer because especially in the back part of my head you can see the roots all over the place because of the natural separation of the locks. And as hairs die and creep down a baby lock sometimes they turn upside down or stick half-way down so now I'm seeing sparkly gray all over the place!

Anyway, I'm glad that you started this thread, Melanie. Watching all the youngsters swing their locks around is cool but it's nice also to be able to relate to someone closer to my own age.

Justin, I totally get what you're saying. I see the gray in my hair and think, "I don't feel 'old.' I just feel like me. Part of Humanity and all living things."

We just have more 'bling' in our hair to swing around than the youngsters. LOL

Sweet Sid
4 years ago
14 posts
Angel Frye- All natural here. It never bothered me before I dreaded because my hair is going white at my temples mostly and the way my hair fell covered almost all of it. Now though it's all very visible and I'm learning to love it, lol!
Frank Schuster
4 years ago
95 posts

I turn 39 in July and I'm already pretty grey.My goal is to be completely matted when i turn 40!!!

But growing my hair without combing seems to hide my grey parts a little without dying ;-)

4 years ago
1,294 posts

i haven't colored my hair since high school and the thought of doing so seems like such a chore. i actually like my hair color though. it has a multitude of brown blonde variations from the sun. i have some grey hair scattered around but they don't bother me one bit. you actually don't see them unless your looking for them anyway. i think grey hair is really beautiful:)

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