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people touching your hair/bad vibes

7 years ago
75 posts

I know this is probably pretty random. but when i was getting my hair done, a lady mention 'loc sorrow' or something along the lines of misfortune brought about by letting people touching you hair or being in negative environment.. Has anyone experienced anything like this? I do not let anyone touch my hair, but i have been more lenient about exposing my hair in negative environments, which i did not do initially.

I do not want to believe that I have been struck with such a thing, but lately really crazy things have been happening, in particular after I started meditation and gotten back to my spiritual practice. Just wondering if people have heard of this or experienced anything similar.


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
28,514 posts

everyone believes something if u believe in something enough it can seem to be true

example if u believe a bird shitting on your head breings u luck then u run around trying to get brds to shit on you and finaly get a nice lil blob right in the eye and a week later find a penny you might believe the bird shit in the eye brought you luck

point being just cause she said it dont make it true

but if you believe ppl touching your hair will bring u misfortune then you will fear ppl touching your hair and blame every bad hing on that

superstition really

but having said that dreads do store and amplify energy to a degree so if something or someone is very nehgative its understandable to not want them touching em..but to fear freindly possitive ppl touching u or exposing them in py]ublic is kinda silly

but its your choice your belief and your ability to believe it does give it a degree of truth and power over you

but if u didnt believe it it wouldnt matter at all

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My dreads are over 9 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international
Heather B
7 years ago
53 posts

I have heard of this superstition as well. I personally let anyone who wants to touch my hair. Mainly because where I come from locks are a very rare thing to find and most people I encounter are quite naive and afraid of the "difference". I want to make sure to be as open, friendly and as kind as I can be to all people who show an interest. I don't want anyone to be afraid of something that I find to be very beautiful and spiritual so I hope that the more I'm open and willing to share the less taboo and fear will surround my dreadlock journey. And besides, even if they DO have a negative vibe maybe the love and joy in my locks can rub off on to them. If I pick up their negativity that's my own weakness. JMHO :)

7 years ago
75 posts

you guys are awesome! and you are right SE, if one believes it then it comes to b true. I certainly shouldn't one because i attract awesome ppl in my life that want the best for me n two i put mad love and spiritual energy on my head.

thanks for replying

Jack Roth
7 years ago
298 posts

Man if people wanna touch my hair then i usually let them, lots of people have never felt dreads and they foten dont expect what they feel can lead on to conversation about washing and stuff and really open theres eyes !

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