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5 years ago
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Wats up everyone!! Can I just say, I freakin have never loved my hair as much as i do know after 2 and a half months of no combing all natural neglect dreads!!! I love the mean stares whatever if that person is not enlightened kill em with kindness. I also love all the questions and debunking the dirty hair myth lol All in all I think my dreads have started me on more than just a hairstyle journey, but a lifetime journey!! I think it has taught me even more acceptance as well as helping me control my temper/ anger, although i still need some work on that lol! But I LOVE MY DREADIES AND THE NEW LIFE PATH I AM HEADING ON!!!!!!

P.S. that pic is right at 2 months, its my biggest craziest squigly buddy so far, but my hair is so loopy all over lol. i love it

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5 years ago
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awesome dude. keep up the positive attitude you have, you will go far. and i love that dread in the piclol
Shelby Dawson
5 years ago
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This is amazing, i smilied while reading. You seem like a truly selfless person, the world needs more people like that. : )
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
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nice thats an aewsome dready :)

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Blame the Moon
5 years ago
5 posts
I agree with everything you said. Could have wrote that myself. I'm 3 months in.
5 years ago
8 posts
looks like were about on the same timeline starling!lol keep it up...and thanks everyone for all of the positive vibes and replies its an awesome feeling goin through this journey with such good people
Shanxon Lemasters
5 years ago
411 posts

Love the squiggly and everything you wrote! Much <3 to you on your journey! I'm about 9 months in ( i keep losing track) and still get lots of stares but they are getting less and less since I live in such a small town :P

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