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What Made you decide to dread?

Connie Puckett
7 years ago
15 posts

I'm just curious, what was the reason you all decided to dread your hair. Was it simply a cool idea? Political reason? Spiritual? Social statement? Laziness? Because you knew your parents would hate it? Your friend had them???

As for myself it was pure unadulterated compulsion. I got the idea and within 15 minutes I was home, found this website and was dreading. The more I did, the better I liked it. I had absolutely no idea what I was in store for!! I really dig the idea of it, the reaction from people (both good and judgmental), the community here on Dreadlocks forums, and so much more! I used to look young and pretty, now at 46 I look old (well middle-aged) and awesome. This is just far out, no two ways about it.

So what's your story?

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
28,431 posts

1st tim,e just was fascinated 2nd time i just had to i felt so lost without em

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long
7 years ago
16 posts
Been dreading for about 2 months now.I've always done what I was supposed to do, what I've been told to do and not to disappoint anyone such as parents and employers. Going through Saturn Return at the moment, I've realised that pleasing everyone has made me a very sad person because I am the image for everyone else and I don't have an image for myself.Dreading has given me a special identity and I have been extremely fortunate to have a supportive partner who has supported me all the way in this. He even helped with the sectioning! My friends all think my hair is ace too.
Joana Maria
7 years ago
2 posts

well, i always liked to do them, a friend made me some, i did the rest.

i did them because, for me, represents some freedom. it's my hair, was my decision. my parents are a bit closed minded, but i didn't did them because i wanted to pissed them off, but show to myself that it's my life, my decision.

i love them :)

7 years ago
155 posts

I think the first set I had was backcombed and I think I just wanted dreadlocks. The second set I have is all neglect and I got them because I got tired of having to comb my hair constantly, so I just kind of let it go.

I'm kind of glad no one has written I got dreads to be different- being a non-conformist by not conforming makes youa reverse- conformist.

7 years ago
7 posts
I'm 17 and I got the idea just cause I wanted to do something with long hair that was different. But It wasn't just cause of that. I had asked some of my friends and some were like cool with it, you do you kind of thing. And some others were like asians and dreads don't go well, especially ones with straight hair. But the journey is gonna be cool, and I've grown somewhat in love with dreads. Just the whole way it is, the process.. Its awesome. hahaIt's just a whole journey itself, and thats what I want to experience. Some sort of change, it'll be fun. I'm only four months into the journey of natural dreadlocking. And its going well. :)
7 years ago
41 posts
I had been thinking about doing it for years and when I started I didn't really think about why. I am 30 with three kids, but my family, including extended family, didn't question it, it made sense to them, like it was a good fit. I did have a lot of friends simply as a curious "why" and I realized a few things.First of all I decided to do it now as a lesson in patience. I need patience right now as we have been in a very hard "limbo" for three years now (I should have started then!) Maybe if I am being patient with letting my hair dread then I can be patient with other things as well.Also when someone questioned my "image" motivations I realized the only image based reason I am doing it is because it is "out of the box" (the box being mainstream culture) and I think more people should examine their boxes and see what belongs in them (a car for most, a house, maybe a tv) and what does not belong in them (vaccines, public education, factory farmed meat for example, different choices for everyone obviously.) I want people to know I am out of the box girl, or at least one who examines each thing in my box and decides if it goes in or out and send a little message that not everything always belongs inside the box. Wiki even says "In the West, dreadlocks have gained particular popularity among counterculture adherents" lol, that would be me! So for me , my hair is now out of the box.
7 years ago
283 posts

Hey there!! What made me decide to dread??

Well while I was in highschool I always say people with dreads(black/jamaican/haitin people) and I always thought "Dang dreads are cool". As the years went on I read more and more about them and what they stood for people/cultures. That's when I decide I will dread when I have a reason for dreading. I started 29th August I'm 20 years old. My reason? To better myself and become a kinder spirit as my hair grows with me over the course of time.

7 years ago
43 posts
i grew mine simply because of a long time admiration of them :) no closer to being hippieish though :P
sourabh thakur
7 years ago
83 posts
i have always admired dreads, seeing sadhus here in india and always wanted to have dreads but did not have enough information on it. when i came across this site, i found how compatible it was with my lifestyle and dived instraight. :D
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