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A day with the ocean

08/27/16 01:22:33PM
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How do you feel about water with tea tree oil. I use it for itchy scalp to extend the time between washes. I was using it on my locks too to tame the dryness 

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08/27/16 01:28:22PM
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well teatree is the best antiseptic so kills bacterial causes of dandruff but it in itself can dry the scalp if overused

though i have used a lot without issue, it can dry out the scalp for some

remember its used for pimples caused by oil buildup it kills the bacteria and dries out the oils in the pores

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08/27/16 01:50:53PM
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Thank you

08/29/16 10:01:03AM
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I live 15 minutes from the ocean and I go in 1-2 times a week.  I usually then wash them the next day.

I have super soft hair naturally so I find I do not need to condition and the salt water really helps dry it out a little. I plan on getting a spray bottle to fill up for the colder months when I can't jump in for a swim.

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