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The first little test last weekend

2 years ago
101 posts

To be honest, this is the third time i am trying to grow my hair into dreadlocks. The last try was maybe 4 years ago with the twist and 

rip method. I combed them out during the third month of dreading and also cut my hair short :-/

This time, i'm also in the third month of not combing my hair, but without t&r, just natural :-) In this phase of dreading process, my hair

does a lot of self-separation. It has a couple of very curly strands on top and some pretty steady baby locks at the lower back of my head.

I was visiting my parents and some old friends for the last weekend. It was for the first time while i'm into my dread journey. Last time I was for a visit, i was just growing my hair long, so everything was still looking pretty neat...

I must say, everything went pretty well! I took a beany with me, just in case a want to hide my messy hair for a little bit, but i did not wear that hat for a minute and totally enjoyed it! I did prove to myself that i really want to be successful in the dreading process this time. I can accept the messy look of my hair, without having to hide it to certain people or at certain places (work, etc.) Maybe i was a little shy at the beginning of this new journey, but i feel pretty confident right now. In the future i guess, i will not hide my messy looking hair any more. I will show it with pride to anybody and anywhere!

Thank you all for reading my little story,and  i hope you are as successful as i was at the tests our journey will offer to everyone of us dreadlock lovers...

Have a nice day!


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
2 years ago
28,409 posts

thats great! dreadin g can be so empowering huh

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long
2 years ago
101 posts

Yes, you are absolutely right! And liberating for sure, because society expects a certain neat look, and we don't care :-)

2 years ago
96 posts

The most liberating fact for me about the messy faze is weeding out the douches in society. If they judge the cover and don't read the book i don't need them in my life ;).

2 years ago
101 posts

That is very well said acidburn!

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