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[help!] How do I attach a hair strand of mine to the normal / not dreadlocked hair of a friend?

3 years ago
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Aloha, what's up my fellow earthlings! :)

I cut off a thin strand of my "normal" hair some months ago and now I want to attach it to my girlfriend's "normal" hair. She does have 1 dreadlock, but she wants to have it attached to her normal hair. It's a very thin and kinda short strand of hair (maybe 100-200 hairs (my hair is very thin); 30 cm or 11 inches long). She wants to keep it permanently, so I'm looking for permanent solutions.

I tried to search google and youtube, but only found tutorials about how to attach hair extensions (using glue or clips). We don't want to use glue and clips can disattach and fall off, can't they?

Does anyone know any other methods we could use?
Maybe there is a way to weave in my hair into hers?
Or use use a braid technique to "bridge" my hair with hers? (we want most of the hair to have a normal look, so we can't just braid our hair together using a long braid)
Or maybe use some kind of..knot? lol

Any tips? :)

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3 years ago
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well the only ways i can imagine will end up with a dread with both your hairs together

that would be wrapping braiding  extending but using a tight wrap to hold em together tuill they dread together

you could even use a tight bead  and use something rounded but thin to cram the  hauirs from both ends through the bead  preferabley all the way through in both directions

like push hers through with an inch  stickig out then push yours up and in  ssome of hers will be  pushed back in but try to do uyours in tuffs so your mostly pushing yours  again try to get an inch through it wont be exact its experimental im making it up as i go along once you got  the hairs all in the bead from both directions  go back arounfd trying to push some ..not all but some of  those loose ends back f]down and in the idea is to compact the hair gently inside the bead from both directions so it holds well is already   chaotic and perfect for dreading  then a dread will form from the bead up and down, 1st up probably


if your not wanting to extend it  just mix it  twist it tofgether then do tnr some hairs will pull out just add em back in'

you could also use a peyote stitch and  just cram as much of both in there as will fit snuggley

remember use a round smooth  something  maybe something like the "people" from the game of life unly lil longer  but  bout that size maybe smaller  no sharp edges  a thin rod with  ball like end  or at peast  round it and smooth it with a file

if the beds thick and theres enough hair  a smoothed out coat hanger  could be used to strt   till it was a lil packed then shift to something much thinner like 1/2 the thickness


im just coming up wiith that off the top of my head though  wrapping certainly might be a more tried and true methood


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