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Questions for Dread Bead Enthusiasts

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Hello all!  Soooo... I have another show comming up and I thought this time I would also set up a table with some of my jewelry.  At the last art show I did there were quite a few folks with dreads, thus I have decided to take my dread beads this time.  For a long time now, I have wanted to do some kind of survey to see what types of dread beads/jewelry my fellow dreaded peeps would like to see, but I haven't quite figured out how to gather enough people with dreads in one place to discuss this.... and then I though "Hey.. I'll just ask the folks at dreadlocksite!"


So here are a few questions -

When you decide to purchase a bead for your dreads, what do you look for?

What size do you most commonly get?

What type of bead would you like to see but haven't been able to find?


This information will be so helpful to me.  Since I've been back home in Florida, I have had the amazing oportunity to work at home to grow myself as an artist... I make lots of different types of art, but I enjoy dread beads the most.  It would be nice to conect with the community a bit so I don't loose


Thanks guys!! :)

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every bead i ever had was a gift

size wasnt an issue i found a dread it fit on

well no i traded for a couple

and a couple were things with holes in them


trying to think if i ever bought 1


not helpful srry

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wood beads are nice, my prefered material is stone, Jaspers, Agates, Crazy Laces and Moss, wood and cactus petrified. i have some (1.1 x 1.4 cm) with a 1/4 in (6mm) hole, good luck in your new project :)

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Thank you Allan for your feedback!  I will certianly look into working with those materials. :)

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