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site upgrade news

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
3 years ago
28,421 posts

well i know i expected the site upgrade to be done by now

there is still a couple minor details i need to work out and have connected with a freind who is very highly skilled in this and many other areas to get the job done however shes also the busiest person i know working 17 hours a day at 2 or 3 jobs (and has lupus and cancer on chemo and maybe even ms symptoms to boot)

we are also working together on another project that will be absolutely massive wich will give victims of every type of abuse a annonomouse voice as well as access to all sorts of help

in 48 hours the response was overwhelming

im building that site off the same platform and re-using much of the same design just to get it launched fast

although there was a delay in moving to the new site there was a good reason behind it... more power more speed

upgraded the server even more for extremely fast load times at same time doubling the ram wich increased the video upload limits to 3 1/2 gigs!

if i'm able to arrange a meeting this weekend with my freind we will finish it off and get swiched over right away

keeping in mind that once we swich there will be a delay of several days to over a week for all the newer data to sync

and unfortunately due to how this sites data exporter sorta sux .. some files maybe lost

as always anyone with any skills.. or even anyone with none who want to help out please respond here

and donations are desperately in need as i've sunk more than i make in 2 months into getting the 2 sites ready

ps the expose the abuse site will protect your identity...and you

it will be the only site of its kind in the world

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long

updated by @soaring-eagle: 01/13/15 10:06:46PM
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