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Thinning hair and dreads.

Casey Fay
4 years ago
90 posts

Some say take between 2500-5000 a day. Your hair will grow faster and stronger.

updated by @casey-fay: 07/22/15 05:54:07AM
Jesse Parker
4 years ago
57 posts
I get a lot of protein from shakes and meat etc. But I have a texture issue that keeps me from eating a lot of fruits and veggies
4 years ago
58 posts
Since amino acids are the building blocks of protein, it always confused me that most "hair and nail" supplements are just biotin.... No silica, and no aminos. I took biotin for a very long time and I didn't see a difference when my hair was straight. It's always been brittle and snaps if you pull it so I'm deficient in either protein on the hair shaft or moisture. Since dreading, I don't have to do masks anymore though thank goodness. Would you say you're probably missing out on some nutrients? Once, I had a hairstylist tell me that taking a multi boosts the effectiveness of biotin, is there any truth to her statement?
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