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Dreaming About My Dreadlocks

4 years ago
24 posts

First off, I know this isn't exactly about dreadlocks, but it has to do with my dreadlocks so I figured I'd ask opinions.

I've been having this recurring dream. I'm standing in my bathroom, brushing my hair all nonchalantly. Then it hits me, my dreads are gone! I start freaking out and looking through my long loose hair only to find a few remaining dreadlocks on the back of my head.

I was wondering what you guys thought about this dream?

I don't really think its the obvious, because I'm not afraid my dreads are going to suddenly fall out overnight.

And just to add a side note: My dreads will be turning 1 year old this Feb 27th. =3

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4 years ago
44 posts

Ive hade some dreams too about loosing dreadlocks. And i did a couple of months ago when i got into a fight, so maybe the dreams come true lol.

Casey Fay
4 years ago
90 posts

This dreambegins with you casually brushing your hair. This appears to be your comfort in your old life the past .Searching for your dreads is not so much about loosing your dreads, but more on loosing what you have created, the life with your dreads. You areseeing both worlds and maybe you have grown past the old you, but are uncertain of the new you.It is not a bad thing, just a window into how much you have grown in a year. We often revisit are past self so we can wake up to are new self.Looking for your dreads tell me you would miss them if they were gone. But you are the same person with or without dreads.

Jamison Johnston3
4 years ago
64 posts
I had similar dreams with my first set of dreads. Sometimes i had no dreads, and sometimes i had longer dreads too. Or they would fall out a few at a time. They were really lame
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