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Possible hair cut / free products

4 years ago
46 posts

Lol I do make tams all the time for myself and friends :) I could make you one but I've never sold anything over the internet. I usually make my hats out of acrylic yarn (because its cheap) and they increase my tangles vastly and doesnt get as linty and pet hairy as wool (which get stuck in dreads) Im not sure why people say to use wool.. I know its scratchy and stuff, maybe someone can explain how to avoid tangling lint in to your dreads with wool. :)

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Filip Radulovic
4 years ago
17 posts
Well people say to use wool because its nautural and because of its texture, ive eaven heard that tiny peaces of wool het stuck in your har/dreads thus making it knot more, somits better to use wool thats the colour of your hair, some pople use just a towel and say it works quite well, for my hair towel doesnt do anything, maybe just the wrong towel but my dread tam doues a much better job, you can feel and see the differance, but my tam is in rastafari colours so once my hair starts dreading more i think ill change what im using because red green and yellow are quite bright colours... I havent tried acrylic yarn, i dont know if it works as good, but the texture of the wool is really harsh and rough, i guess theres more friction when using wool then other materials...
4 years ago
46 posts

Cheap acrylic yarn is known for being scratchy ;) Yarn snobs generally hate it for that reason but I LOVE IT! You can wash it and dry it and its like an 8th of the price :)

4 years ago
44 posts
I have a quite a bit of experience with different fabrics. I have used a lot diffrent tams & headbands for work, exercise & just going out. I used both synthetics & natural fibers, they both have their place & use. For headbands hands down the best I've used are from headwraps, try them you'll see & feel why the are best. They are long and very confortable plus they come in a ton of diffrent designs. Synthetics work best at the extreme ends of the temperature range. In the summer I like to use the synthetic moisture wicking headbands when working out, running or anything that involves sweat. Dreadlocks are HOT, they hold heat and with it sweat & scalp oil as well. Synthetics are best for pulling that moisture away from my hair and keeping the post work out funk to a minimum.Synthetics I have found are also good at the other end of the spectrum as well, when it really cold. I snowboard in the winter and when you start to go really fast you can fell the cold air just sucking the heat away from your scalp & head. At times it can get so cold it physically hurts. All your sensors start to fire off in pain so it almost feels like it burns as well. Incidentally this was my original reason for growing out my hair in the first place, for insulation. But at the extreme cold we ride synthetic polar fleece really helps with both insulation and wind chill. Also synthetics can be dyed to much brighter colors then natural fabrics. The only problems I have with acrylic fibers is the static electricity and cling they produce as well how the yarn is produced in the first place. It is a plastic and it is made from Polyacrylonitrile which itself is formed from the free radical polymerization of Acrylonitrile. Do the research and you'll find out how really toxic the production is.Natural fibers feel best to me, especially wool, Marino wool is my favorite. It's warm very soft very comfy but with lots of texture. I don't see ANY lint from my wool headbands, but I think that has more to do with the quality of the warn and the product itself. I really dislike lint, it looks dirty and unkept. I do get is from towels mostly. Cotton tams and bands I like in the summer for non-exercise activities. You can make your own bands from tee shirts and other fabric. I have a hemp tam as well, but I don't like the way it feels and I find it pulls on the hair too much. It'll literally pull strands out every time I've worn it. Hope this helps.
4 years ago
27 posts
So I've had more progress since I've posted this just by keeping it in my hat. I thought keeping it down and out would have created more nots bit I've for some more messiness going on in the back of my head now! Thanks everyone
Shane Northern
4 years ago
59 posts

Awesome! Glad to hear it man.

Vwpimpin said:

So I've had more progress since I've posted this just by keeping it in my hat. I thought keeping it down and out would have created more nots bit I've for some more messiness going on in the back of my head now! Thanks everyone
Bob Ngarly
4 years ago
163 posts

keep trying new things! but dont overly obsessed with it. sea salt sprays sun shine, wool pillow, tam, less washing, more washing, gotta find what works for you and whats to your liking.

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