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Dry locks

5 years ago
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My locks are extreeeemly dry. Mostly from the use of BS without ACV for many months. They locked up good and are really tight and mature (1 year) but they are very coarse and brittle. So much that they have lost color and some are almost whitish blond (mostly where the sun hits them). What can i do to rehydrate or condition my locks without loosening them or leaving residue. I use dreadlockshampoo bartwice a week and bs/acv once a week. i just want them soft again an dont want breakage.

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5 years ago
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If it was me, I would just use the bar for a while and see if that helps. a little bit of oil wont undo your dreads. When you condition though, you could get some hair come out, just the new short hair though. It will dread easily when it is long enough though. You could use aloe, or coconut oil, I am no expert on conditioning oils, some one else will chime in.


Brianna Elizabeth
5 years ago
19 posts
There so dry because you are not using the ACV to balance your haira natural PH balance its getting stripped. But any long term use of BS will pull out color in your hair over time, try a dread shampoo bar and do BS with ACV a few times a month
the Barrellady
5 years ago
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Hi Joey, I also did the mistake of not using ACV with every wash in my beginning months, and also dried out/fried out my hair. This is what I did and it took about 3 months to reverse the damage, now my hair is soft again, back to pre-dread days.

Get yourself a spray bottle and add in water, (don't use hard water if that is what you have at home, use bottled water instead). I added the following essential oils to the water tea tree, rosemary, lavender, & peppermint. For a regular sized water bottle, I added about 10 drops of each, but used a capful of tea tree with my first mixture just to get me started. Shake the spray bottle well before each use to mix up the oils. No need to spray your scalp, just spray all the dried out hair. I sprayed about 3 times a day in the beginning. It took about a month to really notice the difference, but it works fabulously. You can use any essential oils you have, those were the ones I wanted, but I do recommend the tea tree because it keeps bugs away, like lice...yuck.... Oh yeah, I sprayed on to wet hair, spray underneath, all over, just not the scalp unless it feels itchy or dry to you, then give it relief and spray it. Your hair WILL get soft again, just do this and give it time. Use the ACV always if you use the BS wash. I swear by this, as I did the same mistake and was able to correct., The thing that sucks is that is takes time to notice the dry damage happening from no ACV, so we did not realize our mistake soon enough...but no worries, help is right here on this post.....Peace

5 years ago
15 posts ..... I get her black soap shampoo and it is amazing conditions great helps with frizz etc. Put a little in a bottle fill the rest with water dump on hair work it in and rinse... awesomeness!! Totally worth the $ in my opinion...
5 years ago
83 posts
Thanks for the advice. I have teatree and rosemary oils, i think il buy some peppermint or lavender and try the spray first. Ill let u know how it goes...
Ojas Acharya
5 years ago
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hi joey next time u do the bs wash make sure u follow it up with the acv rinse. ur hair has dried out only becos of the continuous use of baking soda alone in my opinion.... even i used to do acv occasionally and not everytime after the bs wash. i too went through the same dry and kinda brittle hair phase for a month maybe.. but acv is a must after every bs wash unless ur hair is naturally extremely extremely oily. and as said by barrellady essential oils will help u too. ur hair will be fine.. peace bro.

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