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encouraging congos

Ethon O'Brien
5 years ago
40 posts

ok so ive successfully encouraged several congos but ive got two that ive been trying to for months and have had little to no progress. the both have a flat dread in them that im trying to congo with round ones, do flat ones just not congo as quick? im just wondering why these are taking so much longer. maybe because theyre more in the back theyre more mature or something? anyone have any insight on this. i know any dreads can congo over time, just wondering why these are taking forever

updated by @ethon-obrien: 01/13/15 09:50:18PM
the Barrellady
5 years ago
1,302 posts

That is the magical question. Why are they taking forever? I have sections that are almost fully mature. I have sections that still have zig zags. I have sections that are not dreaded at all...Why is that? I have dreads with blunted tips, I have tips with open ends, I have flat ones and round ones...Why is that?

Natural dreads do what they want to do, when they want to do it. I know you are just curious, but the answer is because they are dreads, crazy funky, jazzy, wicked dreads.:)

Try wrapping those ones together, it may help it along.....Peace

Ethon O'Brien
5 years ago
40 posts

haha i did put them together with a bead. theyre two congos im trying to make each with several dreads. but they just dont want to combine.i get that theyre all different, i just dont get why these two groups dont wanna congo for some reason lol

i guess thats just it though. didnt think there was anything mroe i could do or nothin, jsut thought maybe someone might know if flat dreads take longer to congo or somethin

5 years ago
359 posts

Leave the bead there until they are congo'd. Move it around a bit every now and then. They will congo, how long it takes is anyones guess.

peace and blessings


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