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Elvira Figueroa
5 years ago
24 posts

so im 3 months into my twist and rip dreads, yay! But i read about it having a braided look sometimes and my smaller ones have that im just wondering when will that go away? No rush but just curious. My roots are pretty rounded and locked but the ends of my hair are looser. the picture is mt dreads at 2 months and idk if you can notice the braided look sorry for the blurry picture

updated by @elvira-figueroa: 01/13/15 09:49:46PM
Baba Fats
5 years ago
2,710 posts

It goes away faster than you'd think. The only parts of my locks that still look a bit braided are where I interlocked 2 or 3 of them years ago.

The braiding from TnR goes away as your locks loosen up and retighten. Since they start to only tighten around month 6, that braided look will be pretty much gone by the 1 year mark

5 years ago
390 posts

The braided look will go away in about the time Baba stated. Only to be replaced with the bumpy look from all the loops and kinks that become the core of your dreadlocks.

Stop nitpicking your hair. Having dreadlocks is more about letting go of control rather than trying to control everything. You will be more peaceful in the long run.

Dreadlocks are the ultimate end to wind blown hair, so go outside more often like you may have done as a young kid and enjoy the wind.

ashley ✿
5 years ago
167 posts

when i had a set of tnr, some of the dreads never lost the braided look, and some did. maybe it was just my hair, but that was my experience.

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