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Hairs getting messy!

6 years ago
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Is it normal that my hair looks messier now at 4 months than it did at 3? They suddenly got all messy, frizzy and loosened at som spots. I think I just need reassurance. Also, how often should I separate? I used to fiddle with my hair constantly and separate daily. This past month I tried leaving it alone and although their not congoing their just really messy.
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
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completely normal when u backcomb or tnr for them to be at their worse at month 4

dont worry and seperating wekly is plenty

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6 years ago
83 posts
Oh yeah, I TnR'd.
Tied up in knots
6 years ago
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I'm a few months ahead of you with a mix of twist and rip and natural. You're right on schedule for the "worst" of it. :D. They'll really start tightening up soon enough. The dreads I twist and ripped are getting quite solid now at 7 months in.

I try to limit my separating to once a week unless I notice something serious happening. If you are worried about separating watch Baba's video on the subject.

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